Where To Begin

The Next Phase of Recovery – Short-Term Rehabilitation

The crisis is over, and you are beginning to heal. Now it is time to move away from the acute care provided by the hospital and into a short-term rehabilitation facility where you can regain your strength and focus on learning to live independently once again.

Moving into short-term rehabilitation is an important step on your journey back home and back to your life. At Bridge Care Suites, we want to be your bridge from illness to recovery. In all likelihood, you’ve never had to consider short-term rehabilitation before now. You probably have many questions. We are here to help with the information and guidance you need to make the right decision for your situation!

Starting the Journey to Short-Term Rehab

Your doctor tells you that it is now time to start looking for a short-term rehabilitation center. What does that mean and what type of facility should you consider?
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How to Find the Right Short-Term Rehab Facility

How can you find the best short-term rehabilitation center for your unique and specific circumstances? What should you look for as you begin considering facilities?
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How Much Will Short-Term Rehab Cost?

Will you have to choose between great care and affordable care? Find out what factors affect the cost of short-term rehab so you can make the right decision for your needs and budget.
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Making the Transition

How can you make the most of your stay at short-term rehab so that you can recover more quickly and go home sooner? Your attitude will play a big part in your results!
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Deciding on which short-term rehab center to use is a big decision. You don’t have to make it alone. At Bridge Care Suites, we would be happy to answer your questions, talk through your concerns, and provide a listening ear. Call us today to learn more about our facility.