Short-Term Rehabilitation Therapy

The Bridge Care Suites™ primary focus is short-term rehabilitative therapy. The Bridge Care Suites is proud to offer the most technologically superior therapy center in the downstate region for these short-term stays.

By coupling advanced technological capabilities with a highly-skilled, hands-on therapy department, The Bridge Care Suites is able to provide outstanding therapy services to ensure a rapid return home for most every guest enjoying a stay at The Bridge.

The Bridge Care Suites also employs its own therapy staff, ensuring that by not employing a third party therapy staff, The Bridge can set the bar higher and all of our guests can enjoy the reassurance that our entire staff is vested in the highest level of service and care.

All of our therapy services are provided on site and follow the care path laid out by your physician or surgeon. The ability to have your recovery supervised by licensed medical staff and therapists is instrumental to ensuring that your transition home is smooth and safe.

About Our Therapy

The Bridge Care Suites utilizes advanced therapy equipment coupled with hands-on therapy techniques from our skilled and trained team. By employing this type of intense therapy, The Bridge is able to offer outstanding therapy services in a technologically superior environment.

The Bridge Care Suites employs a myriad of therapy disciplines throughout our Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy process. Because our therapy trainers are so skilled with the technological and hands-on aspects of therapy, our guests receive specialized therapy that is purely unmatched within Central Illinois. When coupled with many of the hospitality features offered within the therapy department, our guests experience a wellness track that is not only therapeutic, but geared for their overall well-being before check-out and their return home.