Understanding Your Needs

How to Find the Right Short-Term Rehab Center for You

Recovering your health so that you can live independently will not be an easy road, which is why it is so important that you choose the right short-term rehabilitation center. Not every short-term rehab center is the same!

Do They Offer Short-Term Rehabilitation?

It is important to look for care facilities that specialize in short-term rehabilitation. Many care facilities focus on providing long-term care to seniors rather than working with the goal to help guests eventually move back home.

Do They Have the Right Team?

A short-term rehab facility should be able to assemble a team of specialists to help you regain what you lost as a result of your injury or illness. This team may include people like a:

Physical therapist


Speech therapist

Respiratory therapist

Occupational therapist

The efforts of your rehabilitation team will go a long way toward helping you learn to live independently again. Before you make your decision on which rehab facility to choose, make sure that they can offer top specialists and the type of specialists that you need to recover.

Do You Like the Facility?

You may spends weeks or even months at a short-term rehab facility, so make sure it is a place you will enjoy living. We suggest taking a tour or having a family member take a tour. Make sure the facility is clean, the staff is friendly, the rooms provide enough space and privacy, and the food is nutritious and tasty. This facility should feel like a “home away from home.”

At Bridge Care Suites, we invite you to consider our facility for your short-term rehabilitation needs. We specialize in short-term rehab and offer some of the top therapists in Illinois. We have also worked hard to make our facility a warm and inviting place for you to recover. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a tour.