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Illnesses and accidents are an unfortunate part of life. But, at Bridge Care Suites, we believe that you needn’t stop living while you recover from the illness, surgery, or injury. You can continue to celebrate every moment whether it is the holidays or a special event in the city that you look forward to each year. We also understand that you would like to spend Thanksgiving with your family around you. Read ahead to find out how we make each day memorable.

The Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner with Family

At Bridge Care Suites, we welcome your kids and family members to share their traditions with us. Is there some unique way in which you celebrate? Like a special dish at dinner? Or, some family songs that you always sing? We’ll make every one of those traditions happen for you. Are you looking forward to spending the holiday with your family? They are welcome to join us for the dinner by informing us ahead of time. We can make arrangements for them to visit us and have a lovely dinner in our events room. We also encourage your kids to bring in your favorite home-cooked meals so you can create Thanksgiving memories unlike any other before. Like, say, wonderful gravy or cookies just like Mum or Dad used to make them.

Celebrating Thanksgiving at Bridge Care Suites

On Thanksgiving, we organize a grand dinner that includes all the elements of a holiday meal. Think succulent turkey and ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie. We may also invite some of our staff members to bring home-cooked dishes to share with our guests making the event fun and happening. In this way, we’ll make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the holiday cheer just because of your illness. We’ll even decorate your room with all the cards and gifts that your family sends you.

Attending Events in the City

Are there any special events that you won’t miss for anything? Like, for instance, we know for a fact that Illinois History Forum is an all-time favorite for seniors. Participating in the discussions on old movies and books and viewing the yesteryear exhibits on the history of Illinois is like a trip down memory lane. Or, maybe, you would like to attend the Music at the Museum concert at the Illinois State Museum Auditorium for a taste of traditional flamenco, folk, pop, and jazz. As long as you don’t have a problem with mobility or dementia, we can sneak you out for a few hours so you can enjoy the events with the assistance of a family member. Of course, we’ll make sure to get the go-ahead of your doctor well in advance.

We Love Your Family and Friends Visiting

Studies have shown that even if patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s may not remember their family and friends visiting them at the facility, the happy feeling of meeting loved ones and spending time with them lingers a long while after the visit. For this reason, we love it when the people close to you drop by for a visit. We’ll also ask them to bring you special gifts that you cherished all your life. Like, for example, a DVD with your favorite music, a well-worn book with dog-eared pages, or a beloved fragrance. If you were fond of some particular hobby like say, knitting, we welcome gifts of kits and other supplies to awaken old memories.

At Bridge Care Suites, we like to believe that short-term rehab is just a small hiccup in your life. Once you’ve recovered and are ready to go home, we would want that your stay was one with happy memories. For more information, do contact us with your query and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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